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Equine Studies

A comprehensive and wholistic training program for EPI Model Equine Assisted Learning and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy students.

This course includes training in equine health and wellbeing, basic training and equitation science principles as well as the concepts of I-Thou HorsemanshipTM  (I-Thou Horse-personship), One Health and One Welfare as they relate to humans and animals and ethical considerations for practitioners including horses in their work.

Below is your Equine Studies and Horse-person-ship Exam that you will be required to submit at the completion of this program. You will also find some support documents to assist you with the assessment pieces. These have been provided, should you wish to complete your assessment as you progress through the Equine Studies Program. You will also have the opportunity to download these documents upon completion of this program.

How to Think Like a Horse, Cherry Hill