Finalise your EPI Practitioner membership renewal

In order to finalise your EPI Membership renewal please email the following to

  1. Your completed CPD log (download template below)
  2. Your signed Code of Ethics to show your continuing commitment to uphold these standards
  3. Any changes to your listing on the Find a Practitioner Page on the EPI Website

Below, you will find information relating to your Practitioner CPD requirements to support you in maintaining your membership as well as the files you will require to complete your application.

CPD Requirements

Continuing Institute Membership and affiliation is maintained by a further completion of 10 hours CPD (Continuing Professional Development) per annum. The Institute is committed to providing ongoing Continuing Professional Development opportunities in this very Specialist Practice Model.

The Institute views Continuing Professional Development in The EPI Model as vital for practitioner development, growth, accountability, maturation, emotional safety of clients, commitment to practice ethics around excellence, practitioner support, and commitment to the model’s unique theory and practice.

The majority of students begin their training journey with a limited understanding (or no understanding) of the pillars of the model – practices in embodiment, awareness, phenomenological inquiry, I-Thou relationship, contact, safe understanding and use of experiments, and the like. New theories and practices need to be supported, nourished and developed over time in order to grow and mature into a depth understanding and practice.

It is well recognised in the field of Psychotherapy that even the most experienced Psychotherapists need, and seek out, continued support, education, supervision and reflection opportunities, within the model they are practicing and mastering. We never stop learning, and we learn in ‘relationship’. Ongoing supervision and continuing professional development are essential for EPI services of excellence, strong ethics and integrity.

Endorsed CPD opportunities include:
ActivityCPD Points
Supervision with endorsed EPI Supervisors/Faculty (including EPI Group Supervision)2 CPD points per hour
EPI Advanced Training Modules2-5 Day training provides 10 CPD Points
EPI ‘Conversations’ – monthly Zoom meeting  1 CPD Point per hour
Bi-annual EPI Conference  10 CPD Points
EPI Volunteer Role in Foundation training as ‘assistant’  10 CPD points per 5 day Intensive
EPI Virtual Programs  1 CPD Point per course
EPI Masterclasses and other trainings not already specifiedEPI will indicate CPD points when advertising course
Peer Supervision/Support with EPI colleague  1 CPD point per session (up to a maximum of 8 points)
Reading select EAT/EAL Research and material congruent with EPI model  1 CPD point per hour reading

If you identify a CPD activity NOT listed above – please email before listing this on your CPD log. Activities not specified in this list must be approved before being submitted for membership renewal.

Practitioners choose a combination of what works best for them. Some prefer to attend EPI Conversations (network meetings), others to have regular Supervision, others to attend a combination of peer Supervision and EPI Supervision or advanced trainings.

The goal is to be supported to further develop and expand an understanding and practice of the model. Regular Supervision is highly recommended for all EAP and EAL’s. Supervision and Training is accepted CPD for ACA, PACFA, AASW and APS, if you need a certificate of completion for attendance, please contact the institute.

CPD activities all accrue relevant points. Hourly Supervision sessions accrue 1 point, EPI Conversations (network meetings) will accrue 1 CPD point meeting, EPI Conferences, and Advanced Modules will each nominate CPD points.

Practitioners can attend Peer Supervision (e.g. sessions with another peer practitioner) and accrue 1 point per hourly sessions, however, peer supervision cannot accrue more than 8 points per annum, and needs to be attended in combination with EPI Supervision, Refresher or Network Group attendance to accrue a minimum total of 10 points.

Lastly, practitioners can arrange to attend a Foundation 5-day Intensive as an ‘Assistant’, and this volunteer role accrues the required 10 CPE points for that year.

It is expected that Practitioners will continue to develop their Equine Knowledge and Horse-person-ship Skills for the life of their practice in EAP or EAL programs. This expectation is reflected in the EPI Values and Code of Ethics. Equine Knowledge & Skill development is vital, however not included in the CPD points.

EPI has created a self-paced learning portal at where members can access low cost personal and professional development courses that count toward CPD requirements.