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Welcome to the Equine Psychotherapy Institute and Animal Assisted Psychotherapy International! We are delighted to have you train with us in Animal Assisted Psychotherapy and Animal Assisted Learning and are looking forward to sharing this unique and transformative journey with you.

In your Virtual Portal, you will find links to materials shared in class, additional resources referred to and information to support you with your video assessments and other activities throughout your training.

Please note – content cannot be accessed ahead of your scheduled class date. Content will become available by the end of each week.

This virtual portal is designed to support your learning but is not an interactive learning hub and is not equivalent to your weekly lessons offered via Zoom. Therefore, classes must still be attended, with a maximum of two absences for those who wish to certify. Watching materials shared on this virtual portal is not a substitute for active participation in live and online training.

Privacy and Intellectual Property

Within your application you signed an Privacy and Intellectual Property Agreement. This agreement covers all materials presented to you in your role as a student of The Equine Psychotherapy Institute, including content shared within this virtual portal.

Please review this agreement below.

Enrolment and participation in the program are conditional upon the student accepting and agreeing to the following:

Students do not intend to utilise any of the intellectual property provided, the EPI model or their position as a student for any reason, including (but not limited to) conducting their own training in Equine or Animal Assisted Psychotherapy/ Learning or Interventions, providing content to other training organisations or any other activity not explicitly authorised by the Equine Psychotherapy Institute.

Training Agreement & Student Code of Ethics

In your first class, you were introduced to the Group Training Agreement as well as the Code of Ethics in your training manual. For training purposes, we have created a Student Code of Ethics which mirrors those signed by our Certified Practitioners.

Please review the Group Training Agreement again in your manual and read through and sign the Student Code of Ethics below. Once signed, please email to admin@equinepsychotherapy.net.au